AE Photonics Maroc

AE Photonics’ partners founded AE Photonics Maroc in 2010 in order to gain a foothold on the African continent and to support the development of renewable energies in Africa.

The sector of renewable energies and environmental protection is, particularly in Morocco, seen as an important future market and therefore funded by the Government.

In this promising market, AE Photonics distributes mainly the highly demanded solar pumping systems as stand-alone systems. With its local presence, AE Photonics offers a partnership-based support for clients, business contacts and investors.

The incorporation of AE Photonics Maroc is a major step towards benefiting from the expected market growth.


AE Photonics Marokko


AE Photonics Maroc S.a.r.l.     
Avenue Med 5     
IMM Dikra: 79 / B6          
24000 El Jadida        

Phone: +212 (0)523392372
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E-mail: office.maroc(at)